Tired of sifting through information to understand cottage food laws?


Without fear of breaking a law, you have never ever heard of!

Just Imagine. . .

Knowing what to sell, having customers praising your talent, refreshing their social media feeds, and camping on your DMs waiting for order slots to open….. Getting love notes from customers saying how much the birthday boy or girl loved the order (with frosting smudges on their face and a perfect pic on Instagram) All of this and more is possible

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Still dreaming of starting a bakery one day?

Taking action is what will turn your dream into reality!

How long have you been thinking and dreaming about starting a bakery? You plan, and save recipes, and bake for friends and create Pinterest boards of your perfect bakery, but still, it's just a dream. 

This course will give you the action steps necessary to stop dreaming and start planning for your own baking business. 

You will:

  • Select trustworthy sources of information regarding making and selling products from your home
  • Carry out fact-finding calls
  • Explain how cottage food laws affect the home baking business
  • Recognize the six components of a legally operating cottage foods operation
  • Identify any special requirements for your home kitchen or production area
  • Name the ingredients and foods you can and cannot sell from home
  • Define “Non-Potentially Hazardous Foods”
  • Interpret the labeling laws for your state
  • Be excited to be one step closer to your dream of working for yourself!
  • Feel more organized by using the checklists, task sheets, and done-for-you question guides

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legally bake and sell from home!

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Selling Your Home-Baked Goods

Understanding the United States Cottage Foods Laws

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Meet your trainer

    • Cottage Law Workbook

    • Join the Facebook Group

    • One-On-One Coaching

  • 2

    Module One- Cottage Food Business Overview

    • What will I learn in module one?

    • What is a cottage foods business?

    • Who can open a home based food business.pdf

    • Why do we have cottage food laws.pdf

    • How will I get answers about my specific state requirements?

    • How to use your Cottage Law Task Sheets

    • Cottage Law Tasksheet and Done For You DIalogue

    • Module one summary

  • 3

    Module Two- Business Requirements for a Home Bakery

    • What will I learn in module two?

    • What are the business requirements_.pdf

    • Discovery Checklist

    • How do I know I am getting trustworthy information?

    • What do I need to know about a business license

    • Should I be charging sales tax?

    • Do I need to get business insurance?

    • What should I know about food safety?

    • Module two summary

  • 4

    Module Three- Labeling and Packaging

    • What will I learn in module three?

    • What is labeling and who is required to do it?

    • How to use your labeling task sheet

    • Are there any packaging requirements for home bakeries?

    • How can I print simple labels at home?

    • What is the best way to add nutritional information to a label

    • Labeling Task Sheet

    • Module three summary

  • 5

    Module Four- Selling Homemade Baked Goods

    • What will I learn in module four?

    • Where is it okay to sell my products?

    • Who is it okay to sell to?_.pdf

    • How to use the venue and sales task sheet

    • Venue and Sales Task Sheet

    • Module four summary

  • 6

    Module Five-What Kind of Foods Can I Sell?

    • What will I learn in module five?

    • Why are certain ingredients prohibited?

    • What is a non-potentially hazardous food?

    • Why are certain food groups prohibited?

    • How to use the Ingredient List Task Sheet

    • Ingredient List Task Sheet

    • Module five summary

  • 7

    Module Six- Limitations On My Home Bakery Business

    • What will I learn in module six?

    • Know your annual earning limits

    • FInd out any kitchen requirements

    • Can I bake in a rental house or apartment?

    • Module six summary

  • 8

    What's Next?

    • What's Next?

    • Copy of One-On-One Coaching

What are people saying?

Thanks for your help!

by Jill C.

With your assistance, I think I am finally ready to do this!! Thank you so much for your help!

Thanks for your help!


Hi Allyson, I love what you are doing here. I have been selling things here and there for a while. Was just getting ready to take things to the next level when most everything shut down. I am a Realtor and baking is my side gig. Something I have always loved, must me the Italian blood. Thanks for what you are doing, it has been a great help to me!!

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of owning my own bakery.

When most little girls were dreaming of becoming star athletes or riding horses, I was planning out a picture-perfect little bakery in a storybook town.

But I didn’t do anything to start that bakery for many, many years. I kept the dream in my head until 15 years into my career as a baker I finally decided to DO IT! 

15 years ago I was overwhelmed and confused as I tried to start my home based baking business. I fumbled my way through the rules and regulations and unknowingly, broke many of them along the way.  

In the early days, I made several mistakes, but with lots of persistence, I managed to grow my home based business into a thriving store earning multiple six figure sales within my first year.

Since then I have gone on to open four more retail bakeries, with three of them operating simultaneously. 

When it comes to understanding the journey that you are about to embark on, I wholeheartedly do!

I never would have gotten to where I am today if I had not opened my home-based bakery.

Get Started Today

legally bake and sell from home!

Get your workbook, checklists, and task sheets so that you can turn your dreams into reality!

Imagine . . .

where you will be one year from now

There has never been a better time to start a home-based baking business! The demand for locally produced products is HUGE, and buyers are eager to spend their money in a meaningful way: a way that benefits small business owners and lets the money stays within their own community. 

If you don't open a home-based bakery in your town, someone else will!

Get Started Today

legally bake and sell from home!

Get your workbook, checklists, and task sheets so that you can turn your dreams into reality!

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Here’s why you may be struggling to launch your legal baking business

(and how to guarantee your business is set for success)


Using Facebook groups to find answers

No matter how many searches you do, if you post your question in a group of random people, you’ll get random results that may not be applicable in your state. Searching for answers on Facebook groups is a recipe for unreliable information. 


Not understanding which foods are prohibited

Maybe you've heard that you can't even use your favorite recipes because of prohibited ingredients so you throw in the towel altogether. You need to learn which foods are prohibited, and how to develop a menu that works to avoid breaking the law and being charged expensive fines or shut down permanently.


Not getting the proper permits and licenses

You may try selling first to see if you like it but not fully prepare yourself to learn the full extent of the cottage foods laws or…you may not like what is required of you (like the rules for how your kitchen must be structured) and inspectors permanently taking away your permits.


Not understanding the labeling requirements for your package goods

You may have done some research on your own and quit trying to open your bakery because the labeling requirements are complicated in some states or you have a misconception that it’s a big expense which isn’t the case.

Get Started Today

legally bake and sell from home!

Get your workbook, checklists, and task sheets so that you can turn your dreams into reality!

If you want to start a home baking business online to earn an extra income….

You’ve probably been told, "lead with the passion". That’s a dangerous half-truth! Your baking business is only as strong as the foundations it’s standing upon.